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MT4 (Meta Trader 4)

Meta Trader 4 platform is a world-famous symbolized by (MT4) is an abbreviation for (META TRADER 4).

This wonderful application shows us more of the graph simultaneously with all trading tools that help explain the market accommodates all traders and all the different levels.

Meta Trader 4 platform are characterized by ease of execution and speed access to all assets, as it shows us the instantaneous live prices directly, which gives trader interacting with and appropriate opportunities to invest.

This application contains all the necessary orders as take-profit, stop-loss and activate future order Unmatched speed and prices do not compete.

You can download the MT4 platform for free by CLICKING HERE, and move on to other levels of trading MT4

That combines professional, professionalism, accuracy, and speed of implementation at one time.

Main Advantages for MT4

The main advantages of the system are:

  • Full set of technical analysis tools provided
  • User-friendly interface with multilingual support
  • Possibility to receive online financial market news
  • High security on the online operations (the platform uses 128 bit encoding)
  • Built-in help function that includes the comprehensive trading terminal user guide
  • Possibility to run operations with different financial market instruments (Forex, Futures, CFDs) in real-time mode
  • Possibility to manage a local database of quotations history with editing and export/import functions
  • Unlimited number of charts can be plotted at various time intervals

Possibility to create and use scripts which enable automatic execution of custom-programmed trade operations by only one instruction