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Supporting Documents

What documents are required to sign up with

    In order to activate your account, we require a clear color copy of an official government-issued form of identification, such as a passport, identity card or driving license. The document must clearly confirm the full name, location and date of birth of the customer, along with an expiration date and signature of the client.

    We may also accept recent bank statements and utility bills, provided they feature the required information and are dated no earlier than six months prior to the date on which they are received.

Do I need to provide my proof of residence?

We require proof of residency from customers in order to both comply with legislation and fight fraud. This is why the documentation we require must clearly state your full postal address, which must match the address you submit upon applying for a membership account with

Is it possible to open an account without submitting a copy of my passport?

Yes – as stated above, we accept a wide variety of official documents and documentation in general, with which you can verify your identity and eligibility for an account.

If I close my account and then choose to open a new account, will I once again have to submit verification documents?

Generally speaking, it will not be necessary to resubmit verification documentation, just as long as none of your personal details have changed in the meantime. If they have, you will once again need to submit verification documents.

Can I update my personal information?

    It is of the utmost importance that you ensure all of your personal information is kept up to date at all times. If any of your information changes at any time, you must e-mail our customer service team at[email protected] immediately, providing any relevant documentation as evidence of your modified details.

Trading Accounts

How can I open an account with

We work hard to make opening new accounts as quick and simple as possible. All you need to do is fill out the online form and submit it, after which you will receive an email detailing exactly how to log in to our secure members’ area with your username and password. From here, it is simply a case of selecting the ‘deposit’ option to transfer funds into your account, after which you are free to begin trading and using the various tools, features and services offered by (subject to providing relevant verification of identity)

How long does opening an account with take?

If there are no discrepancies and the information you provide is all accurate, your account can be up and running in no more than 5 minutes.

When can I start trading?

You can start trading just as soon as your account has been activated, following your submission of the relevant identification documents as requested while opening your account. You will have the option of trading online, or downloading the relevant software directly to your computer.

The trading platform.

What trading account types do you offer?

We offer the following trading account types:
STANDARD account: 1 standard lot is 100,000 units of the base currency pair.

What is the minimum requirement for depositing or withdrawing funds from my account?

You must deposit or withdraw a minimum of $200 with each transaction.

Do you offer Islamic accounts? is proud to be one of a select group of brokers that offer Islamic accounts in full compliance with Islamic law. For more information, contact your account manager after opening your account.

How long do demo accounts remain active for? does not impose any restrictions whatsoever on demo accounts in terms of expiration dates. In addition, you are welcome to open a new demo account at any time, should you exhaust the funds available in your current demo account. However, we will close any demo accounts that have not been used within the past three months.

Can I change the base currency of my account?

Once you have signed up with using one specific currency, you will not be able to change your account’s base currency. If you wish to do so however, you are permitted to close your account and open a new account in the base currency of your choice.

Can I lose more money than is in my account?

No – we do not make it possible for traders to trade with more money than they have in their account at the time. Should any given exchange rate impact the funds in your account and take your balance below zero, this will be reset with your next deposit automatically.

Is it possible to lose more money than I deposited?

No, you cannot lose more than the amount you deposited. Should the slippage of a certain currency pair cause a negative balance, it will be reset automatically with your next deposit.

Do I have to refund bonus funds if I lose them?

While bonus funds you receive can be used for trading like all other funds, you do not have to pay them back if they are lost. However, they can be lost, just in the same way as standard funds.

Does keep my money safe?

We work extremely hard to watch over the safety and security of both our clients’ personal information and funds. We work in full accordance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and employ the following measures to take care of clients’ funds:

  • Segregation of clients’ funds

All funds deposited and winnings earned by customers are transferred to a separate account, which in turn means that in the event of company insolvency, such funds will not be used to pay creditors.

  • Bank accounts

We only work with European banking institutions of the highest calibre and repute, in order to further guarantee the safety and security of our clients’ funds.

What spreads do you offer? offers variable and fixed spreads that go as low as 0.3 pip. The market price received by our systems is the price clients are provided with directly – we do not and will not re-quote.

What hours are you operational?

Some training instruments have different market’s opening hours, though the market is generally open from Sunday 22:05 GMT to Friday 21:50 GMT.

Do you allow news trading?

Yes, we do.

What leverage does offer?

Leverage will vary in accordance with the category you wish to trade and your initial deposit, ranging between 1:400 and 1:100.

Does allow scalping?

Yes, we do.

What is the minimum lot for a STANDARD account?

Each number detailed below applies on a per-transaction basis and traders are able to enter into an unlimited amount.
The numbers below are per transaction, and you can open an unlimited amount.
STANDARD accounts: 1 lot = 100,000
Minimum trade volume = 0.01
Maximum trade volume = 50
Trading step = 0.01
When trading with CFDs, the minimum lot is 1 lot.

Does allow hedging?

Yes – all customers have the option of hedging their positions, should they choose to do so. This is where a trader opens both the short and long position at the same time on the same instrument. Upon entering into a sale and by position on an identical instrument and in the same lot, the margin is zero.

Where do you keep the funds of clients?

We separate all clients’ funds from those of the company, working only with the highest calibre European banks and financial institutions.

Do you have slippage?

Given the unpredictable nature of the markets, there is always the very slight possibility of slippage. This only ever occurs when there is a particularly drastic fall or rise in a specific market price, which may lead to your order being filled at a rate different to your original request. This is however an extremely rare occurrence.

Can I open multiple trading accounts?

Unlike most, allows customers to open multiple trading accounts up to a maximum limit of five. Nevertheless, controlling multiple accounts doesn’t represent the best option for all traders at all levels.

Do you close customer accounts when balances reach zero?

Not immediately. Instead, will close any accounts that have been left inactive for a period of 90 days.

Do you charge fees for accounts that go unused?

If the balance of the dormant account is zero, there will be no charges applied. Other accounts will be charged at a rate of USD 5 per month, or the remaining funds below USD 5 will be removed from the account. If you expect your account to remain dormant long-term, we advise you to get in touch with the customer service team.

What is the upper-limit amount that I can trade with

We do not impose any maximum amounts with regard to your online trading, though standard accounts limit customers to a maximum of 50 standard lots at streaming prices. For all account types, the maximum number of simultaneous open positions is set at 200.

Do you provide learning resources and tutorials?

Every customer gains access to an extensive archive of learning resources and helpful educational materials. In addition, customers are also assigned their own personal account managers, who can be contacted at any time for further assistance and to answer important questions.

Do you accept clients from the United States?

In accordance with applicable rules and regulations laid out by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, is not permitted to accept any customers from the United States.

Does offer VPS service?

Customers are entitled to request a free VPS upon trading a minimum of five round turn lots every calendar month and maintaining at least USD 5,000 in equity-credit.

Does offer digital option trading?

No, we do not.


What payment methods do you accept for deposits and withdrawals? strives to make trading as easy as possible for customers at all levels, which is why we offer a variety of payment methods which include the most popular credit cards and debit cards, bank wire transfers and more. Please refer to our ‘Deposit and Withdrawal’ page for more information, or get in touch with our customer support team.

What currencies do you currently accept for depositing funds into accounts? allows customers to transfer money into their accounts using any currency they choose, which will then be converted into the currency selected as the base currency for their account.

What if I want to transfer to a credit or debit card a higher sum than I paid in?

It is only possible to transfer the same amount or lower back to the same credit card used to make a deposit. If you wish to withdraw a higher amount, you will need to organise the transfer by way of a bank wire transfer.

Can withdrawals be requested at any time?

In order to request a withdrawal, it is first necessary for your account to be fully activated and verified. In order for this to happen, customers must submit the relevant documentation to verify their identity. We accept a wide variety of official forms of identity, including driving license, passport, ID card and so on. You can also use a recent utility bill that is less than six months old and features all of your personal information.

Once your account and identity have been verified, you will be able to request withdrawals.

If I have an open position, can I still withdraw money?

Yes. The reason being that the intelligent platform will not allow you to enter into any trades that have the potential for you to face a result that would take you below zero in your account. All margins, fees and outcomes are calculated at the time the position is entered into, in order to ensure that even if you do withdraw money from your account, your balance will not fall below zero regardless of the outcome.

How long do withdrawals take?

Withdrawal times vary in accordance with the country you are in, the payment type you select and the provider you work with. It generally takes between one and three working days to process a withdrawal, though it can take five working days or longer in some instances.

Do you charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals? does not impose any fees whatsoever on deposits made using any of the payment methods we accessed. Fees may only be payable in the instance of withdrawals or deposits made by way of bank wire transfer totalling less than USD 500, or the equivalent in your chosen currency. In such instances, commissions attached by the banks in question will be taken from the amount requested for withdrawal.

Is it possible to transfer funds between active trading accounts of different members?

In order to help combat fraud and illegal activity, does not allow traders to transfer funds between active accounts held by two or more customers under any circumstances.

Can I deposit funds from the account or credit card of a friend or relative?

No. Once again, as a means by which to prevent illegal activity and fight fraud, it is only possible to deposit funds into your own account using your own payment methods, which carry the exact same details as those entered when opening your account with

Can any bonus funds paid into my account be withdrawn?

When pays bonus funds into clients’ accounts, this is to enable traders to enter into larger positions and potentially improve returns. You are free to withdraw any profit made while trading with bonus funds, but the bonus funds themselves cannot be withdrawn.

Can I transfer funds between two of my own active accounts?

Just as long as all of the personal information used to open the accounts is identical and both accounts have been fully verified and activated, it is possible for customers to transfer funds between two of their own accounts.

How do I withdraw when I’ve used multiple deposit options?

If at any point you have used a credit or debit card to deposit funds into your account, this is the payment method you must use when requesting withdrawals. It is only upon passing the amount you deposited that you will be able to request withdrawals by way of bank wire transfer.

Do you charge commissions or extra fees?

No - does not add on any additional charges whatsoever.

Trading Platforms

What’s the difference between a real account and demo account?

The only major difference between a demo account and real account with is the way in which demo accounts are automatically credited with $10,000 in ‘play’ money. This money can be used to check out each and every one of the features, functionalities and tools available across our entire platform, without having to put any real money on the line. Of course, this also means that it is 100% impossible to win or lose any money at any time with the demo account.
It is important to remember however that your approach to trading and decision-making may be entirely different when there is no real money on the line.

Can I use robot/auto traders or expert advisors? allows all traders at all levels to use expert advisors and automated traders.

What help is available for newcomers to the MT4 platform?

Along with a wide variety of helpful educational and informational resources, you can also get in touch with your personal account manager at any time for help with the platform and any of the services we offer.